Our Story

In early 2017, a national network of thousands of birddoggers came together to help defeat the repeal of the Affordable Care Act. We showed up at town hall meetings, and then put our bodies on the line in Washington to stop the Members of Congress who wanted to take away our healthcare.

Two years and 170+ birddog trainings later, we've helped save the ACA, won scores of important commitments from candidates in the 2018 midterms, and now, in 2019, we’re now asking all of the 2020 candidates to support a healthcare systems that guarantees high-quality, low-cost health for EVERYONE, and brings an end to the terrible HIV pandemic. We’re showing up for candidate forums and meet-and-greets, and asking members of all parties to support the policies we need–both for healthcare, and for other issues that fire up members of the Birddog Nation.

Activists line the halls of a congressional building, holding signs that say things like "Trump-care equals death" and "Don't gut healthcare to pay for corporate tax cuts"
A woman, surrounded by press, talks with Kamala Harris

Birddog Nation is diverse and still growing quickly. We are united by our push for health for all— but at the same time, many see healthcare as just one of the key issues to raise with our elected officials and aspiring candidates. The Birddog Nation crowdsourced a set of sample questions you can use on the fly for some of the issues animating progressive activists.

A passionate activists, surrounded by fellow activists, list her concerns to a Senator's staffer in the halls of a Congressional building
A crowd of activists, some on their feet and some in wheelchairs, raise their fists in solidarity